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Aardvarkwerx Computer repair - make this the last time you fix your computerNo diagnostic Fee – We will look over your computer and give you an estimate of repairs and cost for free. No need to pay for figuring out what is wrong with your computer. When we agree on what is needed to fix your computer and what you want the computer to do, only then will we proceed with fixing your computer.

Emergency Computer Repair Service – Every computer issue is an emergency whether it is slowing you from responding to personal e-mails, updating your company’s client database, or logging into your facebook account. Aardvarkwerx can you get your computer back up and running quickly and affordably.

24 hour rush computer service available – Even more of a computer emergency? Completely stressed you may have lost some desperately important data from your laptop. Call Aardvarkwerx, we can fix your computer right away.

Fast 2 - 3 day turnaround on standard computer services – If it’s not an emergency, you just need the computer fixed, our service is still quick and effective. Don’t fear your computer being tied up for a week or more. Aardvarkwerx can fixes your computer in a short time to save you from falling behind in your business or personal computing needs.

Virus/Spyware Removal and Protection – The proliferation of spyware and computer virus across the internet is very pervasive.. You may not even know if there is spyware or Trojan viruses lurking in your computer. However, these little nuisances can cause your computer to slow down or become sluggish. In some cases they can overcome your entire computer rendering it useless. Let Aardvarkwerx diagnose your computer for any of these pests and destroy them from your operating system .

Data Recovery – Ever get to the end of an excel document and lose it? Ever finish a big word-processing job and forget where you saved it? That sinking feeling of having lost all that work can be multiplied by 1,000’s in a serious hard drive failure! Fear not! Aardvarkwerx has the capacity to diagnose the problem with a serious data crash or hard drive failure and help restore the data from a lost disk back to your computer.

Warranted Hardware and Software Repair – our repairs to your computer are warranted. We can revisit anything that goes wrong after an Aardvarkwerx repair.

Hardware and Software Installation – Not ready to buy a new computer? Think the machine you have could work better? Running out of space for your pictures? Does the idea of opening your computer case up and messing with wires scare you silly? Aardvarkwerx can suggest and install additional hardware and software to increase the functionality of your existing computer, for less money than buying a new computer.




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